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Eleven Madison Park @ Squab

Since it opened over a decade ago, Eleven Madison Park has received some of the most auspicious reviews of any restaurant in Manhattan. Recently, Eleven Madison Park has gained tremendous attention for being heralded the best restaurant in New York by New York Magazine food critic, Adam Platt, in his prodigious Platt 101, an evaluation of the top 101 restaurants in New York City. In addition, Eleven Madison Park received the ultra-exclusive, three Michelin stars for 2012 and was named the twentieth best restaurant in the world by Restaurant Magazine in its annual “The World’s 50 Best Restaurants” article. In any event, aside from the numerous awe-inspiring reception and praise,  Eleven Madison Park will elevate anyone’s palate or standards for food. Unlike most restaurant that serve prix fixe menu’s, Eleven Madison Park gives each patron a choice of four distinct ingredients for each dish. In doing so, each dish will likely represent the most exquisite culinary art crafted for each particular preference. Among four options for my main course, I had the choice of Squash, Chicken, Veal or Squab. Although this was an incredibly difficult choice to make that was met with profound apprehension, I went with the Squab. Although I was certain that each would be exceptional, I wanted to try all four and because each were equally tempting, I was anxious to try the remaining three.

The Squab, which was roasted was served with Beets, Onion and Chocolate. When the dish was initially served, I could not help but relish the masterful presentation. The dish exemplified the true definition and meaning of exceptional culinary art as it was one of the most beautiful and aesthetically stunning presentations of food I had ever seen. After enjoying the beauty, I decided to shift my attention to tasting the exquisite dish. To no surprise, the dish was as tasty as it was beautiful. The Squab was full of flavor; embodying the perfect degree of savory juices within the meat that made it irresistible. squab, which technically refers to the meat of a young domesticated pigeon, is reminiscent of dark meat found in any traditional poultry. The integration of Chocolate was an unlikely but nevertheless, ideal choice for the squab. It reminded me a bit (although far superior) of the Mexican dish, Chicken Mole. Finally, the beets and green onion were a fantastic addition to the dish, which added a palatable side that amplified the overall flavor and helped compliment the rich taste of the squab.

Eleven Madison Park

11 Madison Avenue,

New York, NY, 10010

P: + 1 (212) 889-0905