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La Goulue to Reopen, Cafeteria to Expand to TriBeCa

La Goulue

Longtime French favorite, La Goulue, which closed in 2009 after 36 successful years on Madison Avenue on the Upper East Side has plans to make a return to the UES after years of speculation regarding its plans to reopen. According to Grubstreet, La Goulue plans to reopen on East 61st street in the near future, finally confronting years of uncertainty created by Jean Denoyer who proclaimed he was “aggressively looking for a new spot” following the closing in 2009. La Goulue’s plans for returning to the east 60’s will certainly spark controversy as longtime French favorite, Le Bilboquet, also plans to reopen on east 60th this Spring. For now, foodies who can not wait til La Goulue’s return can still enjoy delectable french cuisine at its sister restaurant, Orsay on 75th and Lex.


As if one was not enough, long time Chelsea hot spot, Cafeteria, will be expanding to TriBeCa in the newly designed Cosmopolitan Hotel, which is currently under renovations, according to DNAInfo. While the TriBeCa outpost will not be open 24 Hours like the original in Chelsea, it will serve iconic American dishes like the Mac and Cheese and Meatloaf til 2A.M. Considering Cafeteria’s failed expansion to Miami a decade ago and the fact it has a sister restaurant, Delicatessen in SoHo, it will be impressive to see the second outpost succeed.

Christmas Eve in NYC Dining Guide

With Christmas rapidly approaching and New Years around the corner, right now is a nominal time to make dinner plans for the holidays! 2DineOut has curated the consummate guide to dining out on Christmas Eve in New York City. While most restaurants will be serving a la carte, this guide focuses specifically on restaurants serving unique prix fixe menu’s designed for Christmas Eve.

Adour by Alain Ducasse

Serving: 4 course prix fixe menu for $135 per person (excluding drinks, tip, tax)

2 East 55th Street (St. Regis Hotel)

New York, NY, 10022

P: + 1 (212) 710-2277


Serving: 3 course prix fixe for $89 per person or 5 course tasting menu prix fixe for $118.

135 West 42nd Street,

New York, NY, 10036

P: + 1 (212) 319-1660

Bar Boulud:

Serving: $65 prix fixe menu (all day).

1900 Broadway (Bet. 63rd/64th Street)

New York, NY, 10023

P: + 1 (212) 595-0303


Serving: 4 course prix fixe for $175 per person (w/optional $95 wine pairing) or 6 course prix fixe for $345 per person with optional $145 wine pairing

60 East 65th Street,

New York, NY, 10065

P: + 1 (212) 288-0033

David Burke Townhouse

Serving: three course prix fixe for $85 per person (all day).

133 East 61st Street

New York, NY, 10065

P: + 1 (212) 813-2121

Del Posto:

Serving: Feast of the Seven Fishes 7 Course Meal for $145 per person

85 Tenth Avenue,

New York, NY, 10011

P: + 1 (212) 497-8090


Serving: Three Course “Feast of the Seven Fishes” prix fixe for $65 per person.

403 East 12th Street,

New York, NY, 10009

P: + 1 (646) 602-1300

Le Caprice:

Serving: 3 course prix fixe for $95 per person and $125 with 2 course wine pairing

795 Fifth Avenue,

New York, NY, 10065

P: + 1 (212) 940-8195

Ma Peche:

Serving: Fish 7 Ways Feast for $95 per person. Also serving three course (Apple Salad, Ricotta Gnocchi, Christmas Ham) for $65. Call or E-mail to reserve

15 West 56th Street,

New York, NY, 10019

P: + 1 (212) 757-5878

Sarabeth’s East

Serving: 3 course prix fixe for $55 per person

1295 Madison Avenue

New York, NY, 10128

P: + 1 (212) 410-7335

Kenmare Lounge Officially Done

Following the demise of the restaurant only two months ago, Kenmare’s downstairs lounge has also officially closed. After the restaurant closed on October 17th, citing the creation of “a new restaurant concept for the upstairs portion of the venue” the downstairs lounge had continued to operate strictly as a bar. According to Eater, owner Nur Khan intimated that the Kenmare team has “a great concept we are in discussions about now.” Kenmare’s released an official statement pertaining to its closing:

We would like to thank all of our loyal Kenmare customers. As most of you know we are in the process of changing our dining concept; although we scaled down the menu while we are in the process of putting the new restaurant concept in place. We have been informed that our current menu is not extensive enough for us to operate the way we currently are. Although we have been serving food we have been advised not to operate until our new dining concept and full menu are in place. We are working diligently to finalize our new project. We look forward to seeing all of your familiar faces again when the new project is complete.

Warmest regards and Happy Holiday wishes from the KENMARE TEAM.

Kenmare Restaurant (Now Closed)
98 Kenmare Street,
New York, NY, 10012
P: + 1 (212) 274 9898

Food Apps: The Best Free Foodie Inspired Apps for your iPad and iPhone

In an era dominated by mobile devices such as iPad’s and iPhone’s, applications have become one of the most popular trends that have changed the landscape of mobile units (i.e: its impact on the prolific decline of the Blackberry as a result of not being able to keep up with the Android and iPhone’s app savvy phones.) In the aftermath of the surge in software dominated by applications, the food industry has been positively impacted by products that offer high utility, efficiency and visually stunning design. Furthermore, in addition to mitigating any inconveniences that existed prior to the applications’ launch, some apps offer highly addictive and thrilling games that combine creativity and utility. For instance, who would have ever anticipated software that allows a user to virtually create a pizza and then order it for delivery identical to the way in which it was virtually crafted?

The Best of the Best:

App: OpenTable

Price: Free

Platform: iPad/iPhone

Description: Free, instant and confirmed restaurant reservation software with over 15,000 restaurants in the U.S

Verdict: For anyone who likes to dine out, this is one of the most vital applications to download. High resolution, high utility and compatibility on both the iPad and iPhone make this a killer app.

App: Menupages

Price: Free

Platform: iPhone (iPad compatible)

Description: Software that acts as an aggregate resource for menu’s, customer reviews and vital contact information for each restaurant.

Verdict: Akin to OpenTable, this is one of the most crucial and highly resourceful applications for anyone who likes to dine out. However, it still lacks a specific iPad app and thus, one has to download and use Menupages‘ iPhone app while using an iPad, which is low resolution and only takes up about a third of the screen.

App: Yelp

Price: Free

Platform: iPad/iPhone

Description: Highly useful search engine that aggregates a plethora of customer reviews and recommendations and contact info for merchants.

Verdict: Highly resourceful by integrating user generated  reviews and recommendations on a massive level. In addition, acts as the modern day yellow pages for merchants.

App: Foodspotting

Price: Free

Platform: iPhone (iPad compatible)

Description: User generated dish reviews and recommendations from restaurants around the world.

Verdict: Although it does not have an application designed specifically for the iPad, Foodspotting’s iPhone application is great. In addition to providing reviews and recommendations, the app also offers aesthetically pleasing screenshots of dishes. In some ways, Foodspotting is a advanced/niche version of Yelp.

Creative and Fun:

App: Man v. Food Challenge

Price: Free

Platform: iPad/iPhone

Description: Fun game based on the uber popular foodie/travel show, Man vs. Food, hosted by Travel Channel’s Adam Richman. The game challenges each user to create the tallest stack of food possible.

Verdict: Whether your a fan of the show or casual foodie, this is one of the best app’s to download. In addition to being free and visually stunning, the application also integrates video footage from the show as well as pictures of some of the most esoteric and gargantuan dishes known to man.

App: WineStein

Price: Free

Platform: iPad/iPhone

Description: Acts as a digital wine sommelier, offering expert advice pertaining to the best wine/dish pairings.

Verdict: Although the app’s target audience certainly  underscores a niche market, it is a fun, useful application that happens to also be beautifully crafted. Without costing a penny, there is no reason not to download WineStein.

App: Domino’s Pizza Hero

Price: Free

Platform: iPad/iPhone

Description: Pizza franchise, Domino’s’ application that allows users to literally create a pizza through a fun game and then order it for delivery. Users are able to knead the dough, add the sauce and toppings and wait for the pizza to cook.

Verdict: In addition to being an incredibly fun and creative game, Domino’s Pizza Hero  also provides utility by allowing users to order the pizza for delivery once he or she has uniquely crafted the pie.

App: Epicurious

Price: Free

Platform: iPad/iPhone

Description: Offers over 30,000 delicious and professionally crafted recipe’s from Conde Nast’s award winning food site, Epicurious.com

Verdict: Highly useful for anyone looking to cook a meal at home. The application offers a plethora of featured recipe’s for both food and drinks. In addition, the application is visually attractive.

Le Caprice’s Impending Closing; L’Orange Bleue Closed

This week, Richard Caring’s London Import, Le Caprice, revealed that it plans to close and potentially “relocate”. According to Eater NY, Caprice Holdings and the Pierre Hotel have jointly released a statement intimating the restaurant’s impending closing:

Le Caprice has been a shining light on the New York restaurant scene since 2009. After an extensive search and through mutual agreement with the Taj Group (owners of the The Pierre Hotel) Le Caprice will be moving to a new site that is currently being finalized. Caprice Holdings and The Pierre Hotel have greatly enjoyed working together and wish each other continued success for the future.”

Le Caprice
795 Fifth Avenue,
New York, NY, 10065
P: + 1 (212) 940-8195
W: www.CapriceNY.com

In addition to Le Caprice’s developing story regarding its probable move, SoHo French Bistro staple,  L’Orange Bleue has officially closed citing a “facelift and makeover renovation,” according to the restaurant’s management. The french bistro’s management intimated that the restaurant will re-open in the Spring of 2012.


L’Orange Bleue

430 Broome Street,

New York, NY, 10013

P: + 1 (212) 226-4999

W: www.LOrangeBlue.com

Shun Lee Palace @ Shrimp w/ Lobster Sauce

In addition to Mr. Chow, Philippe and Mr K’s, one of the most revered and  “authentic” Chinese restaurants in New York is Shun Lee Palace. Known for not only its stylish room and delectable cuisine, but also the meritorious service and overall laudable dining experience are reminiscent of a traditional Cantonese restaurant in China. Thus, Shun Lee is among the city’s elite Chinese venues. Among several prodigious main courses, one of the most praiseworthy dishes is the Shrimp with Lobster Sauce. The shrimp are sauteed in a corn starch, chicken stock, garlic and ginger based sauce that also incorporates ground pork. The sauce, which does not indeed contain any lobster, has a mild yet flavorful taste. In addition to a mixed variety of vegetables, the dish is also garnished with a minimal portion of ground pork. While the majority of the main courses at Shun Lee deserves admiration, the Shrimp with Lobster Sauce ($31.95) is one of the best alternatives to some of the traditional and generic favorites such as the Sweet & Sour Pork, Mo-Shu Pork, Amazing Chicken or Chicken with Nuts.

Shun Lee Palace:

155 East 55th Street,

New York, NY, 10022

P: + 1 (212) 371-8844

W: www.ShunLeePalace.com

Vogue Cafe @ Rabbit Filet in Moscow

While communism no longer exists in Moscow, status and materialism prevail throughout the dynamic city as a keen aspect of Russian lifestyle. Therefore, branding a restaurant around the iconic Vogue Magazine should not surprise anyone. The Vogue Cafe, which is located in the upscale central Moscow neighborhood, in close proximity to the Red Square and Kremlin, offers an exceptional lunch full of exotic dishes that utilizes fresh local produce. Despite the branding with Vogue, which would suggest a nominal strategem aimed to incentivize customers and tourists to dine at the restaurant for the image rather than the food, the cuisine and scene is actually quite good at Vogue Cafe.  Among many attractive entrees, I went with the Rabbit Filet with a side of Risotto. The rabbit, which was garnished with a pleasant creamy sauce, was both flavorful and succulent. Although the portion was minimal, the side of risotto, which was served fried in the form of a square, added a nice complement to the dish that sufficiently mitigated my appetite. As much as Vogue Cafe underscores Moscow’s obsession with status and image, it also accentuates the exceptional culinary product and standards that the city adhere’s to today, starkly contrasting to the days of impoverished citizens and social plight that pervaded throughout the era of communism.

Vogue Cafe:
7/9 Kuznetsky Most, 123056,

Moscow, Russia

P: + 7 495 623 17 01

W: Eng.NovikovGroup.RU

Craft @ Sweetbreads

Celebrity Chef and Restaurateur, Tom Colicchio has mastered the art of exceptional culinary cooking with his restaurant, Craft, for over ten years. Unlike many restaurants that are as concerned with the presentation as the food itself, Craft subscribes to principles of simplicity and substance while eschewing any form of artiface. Among many succulent and exceptional dishes, I went with the Sweetbreads ($18) as one of my first courses.  Sweetbread, which is a dish that integrates various glands (such as throat, cheek and tongue) is not the most common first course but is nevertheless one of the best. Despite the abnormal and potentially grotesque image one might render when rationalizing the description if he or she is not familiar with the dish, Sweetbread is one of the most eccentric and underrated courses that Colicchio’s Craft perfects. The dish, which is served lightly breaded (hence the name) and fried, is rich and full of flavor. Despite its rich flavor, the portion is perfectly executed thus contributing to a lust for more. While Craft serves an abundance of exceptional first courses, including Octopus, Foie Gras and Pork Ravioli, the Sweetbread underscores the praiseworthy sentiment both Colicchio and Craft have deservedly accumulated over the years.

Craft Restaurant:

43 East 19th Street,

New York, NY, 10003

P: + 1 (212) 780-0880

W:  www.CraftRestaurantsInc.com

Brio Restaurant @ La Bufalina Pizza

  In addition to offering superlative pasta (the Paccheri alla Partenopea for instance) Brio serves some of the finest pizza in the city. While the Pizza Margherita is good, the most exceptional pizza by the pie at Brio is the La Bufalina. As evidenced by its title, La Bufalina‘s ($18) principle ingredient is buffala mozzarella. In addition La Bufalina incorporates  cherry tomatoes, light tomato sauce, basil and fresh olive oil. As a result of the fresh ingredients used, the dish stands out because of   the sheer nature of the buffala mozarrella, cherry tomatoes and basil. Rather than adding an overwhelming portion of sauce, like other pizzeria’s, La Bufalina’s minimal portion perfectly masters the dish’s unique flavor and texture.


786 Lexington Avenue (@61st Street)

New York, NY, 10065

P: + 1 (212) 980-2300

W: www.BrioNYC.com

Craft @ Duck Risotto

Celebrity Chef and Restaurateur, Tom Colicchio has mastered the art of exceptional culinary cooking with his restaurant, Craft, for over ten years. Unlike many restaurants that are as concerned with the presentation as the food itself, Craft subscribes to principles of simplicity and substance while eschewing any form of artiface. Among many delectable and praiseworthy dishes, I went with the Duck Risotto as a side dish. I was intrigued by the Duck Risotto ($18) not only because they excluded the Normandy Duck ($39) from the menu, but more importantly because of the sheer esoteric nature of the dish that appealed to mitigating my hunger. While I have enjoyed several eclectic varieties of risotto in the past, I had never experienced Duck Risotto. The risotto was served with minimal portions of duck breast embedded into the dish while garnishing the top with pieces of crispy duck skin.  Akin to most risotto, the dish was incredibly rich.  Although the sheer richness of the dish is typically one of its most profound selling points, I was not thrilled with the way it juxtaposed to the duck. I would feel remiss to not admit that the duck and the risotto itself was quite good, however the profound richness of the dish belied the flavor and taste of the duck. In the end, the underwhelming reaction to the dish was overtly based on the fact that it offered two tremendous elements that individually would have prospered on their own but unfortunately the amalgamation of the duck and risotto failed as a unit.

Craft Restaurant:

43 East 19th Street,

New York, NY, 10003

P: + 1 (212) 780-0880

W:  www.CraftRestaurantsInc.com