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Lays in Cambodia: Nori Seaweed, Peking Duck, Lobster Hot Plate

Ever craved Sushi potato chips? How about lobster flavored Lays? In Southeast Asia, language is not the only noticeable difference between ubiquitous brands as some countries will indeed feature esoteric flavors, seldom seen in the rest of the world. For instance, in Cambodia, Lays manufactures three distinct flavors, reflecting cultural differences abound.

Nori Seaweed, Peking Duck and Lobster Hot Plate remain the most popular flavors sold at each bodega and small convenience store. Although each respective flavor does not equivocate the taste and fulfillment of the real Sushi, Peking Duck and Lobster, it nevertheless is a unique experience (despite how bad the chips may be).

Jiro Dreams of Sushi: A Beautiful, Appetizing Narrative Documenting the World’s Greatest Sushi Chef

In Jiro Dreams of Sushi, director David Gelb introduces the viewer to the world of Jiro Ono, the legendary, 85 year old sushi chef of the highly acclaimed three Michelin starred sushi bar, Sukiyabashi Jiro. Gelb underscores the Jiro’s relentless pursuit of perfection, reflected in both his life and his work. The film expounds on an analogy between music and food, carefully drawing on the similarities by likening Jiro to a maestro, his food to a concerto and articulating the union between rice and fish as they “are in complete harmony.” In fact, akin to a concerto, the sushi served at Sukiyabashi Jiro is divided into three movements.

(Photo Courtesy: Magnolia Pictures)

The first movement, classical, feature classic fish such as Halibut, Octopus, Fatty Tuna, Medium Tuna and Lean Tuna. The second movement is underscored by the unique catches of the day, such as Striped Mackeral and Wheel Shrimp. Finally, the third and final movement is marked by the delicate Sea Eel Kanpyo and Egg, which is so highly revered, apprentices must wait ten years before they are allowed to cook. Overall, the analogy to a concerto accurately articulates the fundamental distinction between Jiro Ono and his restaurant as compared to other exceptional sushi bars.

(Photo Courtesy: Magnolia Pictures)

While many praiseworthy sushi bars exist in Tokyo and other world class city’s, such as New York, none possess the profound degree of flawless perfection that Sukiyabashi Jiro embodies. In underscoring these awe-inspiring attributes, Gelb does a remarkable job of sending the viewer on a journey to one of the ten seats at Sukiyabashi Jiro, thus providing first hand exposure to what may be considered the preeminent sushi meal in the world. Gelb’s close up shots featuring the mouth-watering sushi, which epitomizes the term “food porn” captures the essence of both the meal and the theme of perfection at large. Overall, the film is nearly as perfect and flawless as its subject, which inevitably justifies the viewing. While it certainly is not worthy of comparison, the film nevertheless represents the closest way to experience Jiro and his masterful sushi bar without having to fly to Tokyo and pray for a reservation less than two months in advance.

STK Out a Big Hit for Lunch in Bryant Park

Since 2006, STK has ascended amongst the most popular and trendy steakhouses in New York City. Since opening in the highly gentrified and uber-trendy meatpacking neighborhood, STK has expanded to additional locations in midtown NY, Miami Beach and Los Angeles, further verifying the degree of popularity and success the brand has relished.

Considering the profound omnipresence food trucks have had on disrupting the concept of lunch in New York, it was only a matter of time before an ubiquitous brand such as STK created a satellite outpost. While STK Out is not technically a food truck, it nevertheless operates identical to one, by serving a take away only menu in Bryant Park. What is most impressive about STK Out is its praise worthy menu.

Serving a variety of succulent dishes including delectable burgers (Old School Burger $10, STK Style Burger $9 and Turkey Burger $9flavorful sandwiches (BBQ Chix $8, Seared Tuna $11, Fried Catfish $8, and Falafel $8) and inventive wraps (Herb Chicken $8, Lobster $14 and Roasted Veggie $8). In addition, STK Out serves an equally impressive selection of shakes and smoothies, including the divine Birthday Cake Shake, Strawberry Short-Cake and PB Cup Shake all for $6. While the STK brand may be infamous for its celebrity and model clientele (and thus prohibitive prices) rather than its food, STK Out represents nearly the exact antithesis of the brands reputation. The menu is original and innovative, provoking thought and creativity, which many food trucks and “to go” outposts seldom embody. The quality of the food is also quite good, representing not only a great option for lunch for anyone working near Bryant Park but also justifying a visit devoid of proximity. In the end, the economically auspicious prices instantly qualify STK Out among the best lunch spots in New York. While STK Out has only been open for a little over two weeks, it will only be a matter of time before this gem becomes over-populated with not just the lunch-break crowd but also tourists visiting New York on holiday.


43rd Street Between 5th and 6th Avenue (At Bryant Park)

New York, NY, 10018

Prime Meats to Commemorate Titanic Anniversary with Identical Prix Fixe Menu

While most New Yorkers would contend that viewing the legendary film Titanic in 3D would suffice in commemorating the 100th year anniversary of the historic tragedy, Prime Meats has something more extreme in mind. On April 15th, 2012, the popular Brooklyn steakhouse, Prime Meats, will serve a titanic sized, ten course prix fixe dinner, identical to the menu served in first class aboard the legendary ship. Prime Meats addressed the unique and esoteric promotion by expounding on the restaurant’s website:

100 years ago the “unsinkable” White Star Liner Titanic disappeared into the sea, carrying over 1500 ladies and gentlemen to the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean. Along their fateful journey, the passengers of the Titanic enjoyed the finest food and drink available in their time; and we will be commemorating the notorious voyage with a special 10-course dinner featuring the very same menu served on the Titanic in First Class. Come participate in an elegant evening of dinner and revelry and enjoy The First Class menu of classical dishes at Prime Meats. We will be pairing the menu with excellent wines, cocktails and spirits. Please write to reserve your seat.

Below is the “First Class” ten course prix fixe menu, which will be served from 7p.m-10p.m on Monday April 15th:

First Course:
Raw on the Half Shell, Horseradish

Second Course:
Consommé Olga
Scallops with Beef consommé

Third Course:
Filet Mignon Lili
Carpaccio with Arugula, Shaved Artichoke, Truffle, Grated Madeira Cured Foie Gras

Fourth Course:
Roast Duckling with Apple Sauce
Cider-Duck-Calvados Sauce with Diced Apple, Thyme

Fifth Course:
Lamb with Mint Sauce
Single Rack of Lamb, Pistachio and Mint Pesto, Mushy Peas and Pomme Puree

Sixth Course:

Punch Romaine

Seventh Course:
Roast Squab with Watercress Vichyssoise

Eighth Course:

Cold Asparagus Vinaigrette
Chilled Asparagus, Pickled Quail Eggs, Black Pepper, Mustard Vinaigrette, Tarragon, Chives

Ninth Course:
Pate de Foie Gras with Celery
Sliced Torchon with Candied Celery Jam, Candied Walnuts with Celery Salt

Tenth Course:
Waldorf Pudding

Prime Meats

465 Court Street,

Brooklyn, New York, 11231

P: + 1 (718) 254-0327

Easter Brunch in NYC: Eight Excellent Prix Fixe Options

Spring is in full swing and what better way to celebrate Easter than to dine out with friends and family for brunch? Already inundated with a plethora of favorable options, several outstanding restaurants are serving Easter Brunch this sunday in New York City.In case anyone has waited til last minute to organize plans, 2DineOut has curated a list of some of the best options for Easter brunch this Sunday!

Brasserie 8 1/2

9 West 57th Street,

New York, NY, 10019

P: + 1 (212) 829-0812

Easter Brunch: Brunch Buffet from 11A.M-7P.M for $55 per person

The Food: Pizza, Mac n’ Cheese, Carving, Egg, Hot and Cold Good, Dessert

Bistro Chat Noir:

22 East 66th Street,

New York, NY, 10065

P: + 1 (212) 794-2428

Easter Brunch: 3 Course Brunch for $59 per person.

The Food: Seafood Risotto, Chat Truffled Mac N’ Cheese, Eggs Benedict, Artichoke Ravioli

Cafe Boulud:

20 Eat 76th Street,

New York, NY, 10028

P: + 1 (212) 772- 2600

Easter Brunch: 3 Course Prix Fixe Brunch from 12:00P.M-3:00P.M for $85 per person.

The Food:  Belgian Waffles, Charcuterie Platter, DBs Smoked Salmon, Vermont Poulet, Corned Beef & Hash, Hanger Steak & Eggs


120 West 55th Street,

New York, NY, 10019

Easter Brunch: Easter Tasting Menu from 1P.M-9P.M for $68 per person.

The Food: 3 Course Tasting Menu; Insalata di Mizuna e Pera (Pear Salad), Pesce Nero (Halibut Filet), Abbachio (Rack of Lamb), Bistecca (Black Angus Sirloin)

Del Posto:

85 10th Avenue,

New York, NY, 10011

P: + 1 (212) 497-8090

Easter Brunch: 3 Course Prix Fixe Brunch from 12:00P.M-3:00P.M for $95 per person.

The Food: Funghi Misti, Grilled Artichokes, Lasagne, Abbachio


135 East 62nd Streetm

New York, NY, 1065

P: + 1 (212) 754-1300

Easter Brunch: 3 Course Prix Fixe Brunch for $24.07 per person.

The Food: Tomato Soup, Granola Greek Yogurt Parfait, Market Salad, Scottish Salmon, Titanic French Toast, Classic Eggs Benedict, Whole Roasted Branzino


1057 Lexington Avenue,

New York, NY, 10021,

P: + 1 (212) 517-6400

Easter Brunch: 3 Course Prix Fixe Brunch for $32 per person.

The Food: Deviled Eggs, Goat Cheese Salad, Chicken Liver Mousse, Croque Monsieur, Croque Madame, French Toast, Main Lobster Cake, Salmon Burger, Japonais Tuna Tartare, Open Face Chicken Tartine


344 West 11th Street,

New York, NY, 10014

P: + 1 (212) 352-2300

Easter Brunch: 3 Course Prix Fixe Brunch for $80 per person.

The Food: White Asparagus w/Slow Cooked Egg, Baked Easter Ham, Wiener Schnitzel, Canadian Salmon

Angelo & Maxie’s is Now…Vic & Anthony’s Steakhouse

Longtime steakhouse, Angelo & Maxie’s, which made news (according to the Wall Street Journal) last spring for Filing for Bankruptcy after contending that it estimated its worth under $1 Million despite owing their creditor’s between $1 and $10 Million recently closed its staple Park Avenue South location. In light of their recent closing, Las Vegas steakhouse Vic & Anthony’s will be taking over  Angelo & Maxie’s former space on 233 Park Avenue South. In fact, Vic & Anthony’s began the initial stages of transformation for the 233 Park Avenue South location by replacing the Angelo & Maxie’s window and outdoor signage in place of Vic & Anthony’s this morning. Vic & Anthony’s will be opening this spring.

Vic & Anthony’s

233 Park Avenue South,

New York, NY, 10003

Taco Bell Launches Doritos Locos Tacos

Mexican fast food chain, Taco Bell, has announced its upcoming launch of a Dorito flavored Taco. In light of its fiftieth anniversary, Taco Bell will be serving Doritos Locos Tacos around the country. While the tacos originally debuted in select markets in 2011, such as the San Joaquin market in California, the new line of tacos, which feature a nacho cheese flavored Doritos shell, will be released in all markets beginning March 8th, 2012. For more information, go to Taco Bell’s Official Site.

Fashion Week Plate Prix Fixe Returns to NYC

One of the most unique and rewarding restaurant promotions returns to New York City this afternoon! In light of Winter Fashion Week 2012, restaurants located on the Upper West Side, within close proximity to Lincoln Center, the epicenter of where all the show’s take place, will feature auspicious prix fixe lunch menu’s, akin to the one’s that were offered during the New York Restaurant Week promotion. Although there are only a few restaurants near Lincoln Center that stand out there are certainly enough that are worth the journey. The Fashion Plate Prix Fixe commenced on February 9th and will continue until February 16th (with the exception of Valentines Day). Some of our favorite restaurants that are participating in the week long promotion are listed below:

A Voce
10 Columbus Circle, 3rd Floor
New York, NY, 10023
P + 1 (212) 823-2523
Prix Fixe Fashion Plate: Three Course Fashion Inspired Lunch for $29

Bar Boulud:

1900 Broadway(Bet. 63 and 64th St)
New York, NY, 10023
P : + 1 (212) 595-0303
Prix Fixe Fashion Plate: Three Course Prix Fixe Lunch for  $24.07

Gabriel’s Bar & Restaurant

11 West 60th Street,
New York, NY, 10023
P: + 1 (212) 956-4600
Prix Fixe Fashion Plate: Three Course Prix Fixe Lunch for $24.07

The Leopard at des Artistes

1 West 67th Street,
New York, NY 10023
+ 1 (212) 787-8767
Prix Fixe Fashion Plate: “Fashion Piatto Unico Lunch and Weekend Brunch” for $27.00

Lincoln Ristorante
142 West 65th Street,
New York, NY, 10023
P: + 1 (212) 359-6500
Prix Fixe Fashion Plate: Three Course Prix Fixe Lunch for $24.07

Nougatine at Jean Georges

1 Central Park West at Trump International Hotel & Tower
New York, NY, 10023
P: + 1 (212) 299-3900
Prix Fixe Fashion Plate: Three Course Prix Fixe Lunch for $32.00

Rosa Mexicano

61 Columbus Avenue at 62nd Street
New York, NY, 10023
+ 1 (212) 977-7700
Prix Fixe Fashion Plate: Three Course Prix Fixe Lunch: $24.07

Lady Gaga’s Joanne Opens; Tom Colicchio To Open Restaurant in Hamptons

This week, restaurateur and celebrity chef, Tom Colicchio, announced that he plans to extend his restaurant empire by heading out east to the Hamptons. Colicchio, who is known for his divine and uber-popular restaurant, Craft (and Craftbar and Craftsteak) plans to open a restaurant, entitled Topping Rose House, that will be located in Bridgehampton. According to GrubStreet, Topping Rose House, which will be located in a “historic home” that was built in 1842, will feature 85 seats and a menu focused on vegetables. In addition, according to Colicchio, the menu will feature “contemporary American leaning toward an Italian sensibility.” Although the majority of the restaurants in the Hamptons are disappointing and overrated, Colicchio’s upcoming Topping Rose House, that plans to open by Summer 2012, will disrupt the current trend of underwhelming venues.

In addition to Colicchio’s plans to extend his empire out east, Lady Gaga also made news this week as her father’s upper west side restaurant, Joanne, opened this week to less than stellar reception. Joanne, which is the middle name of Lady Gage, AKA Stefani Joanne Germanotta, is headed by chef Art Smith and proprietor Joe Germanotta (Gaga’s Dad) received a calamitous review from New York Post writer, Steve Cuozzo. According to Cuozzo’s inauspicious write-up:

“The grilled calamari with bitter greens and radicchio were the worst I’ve had in a lifetime of squid-mongering, the salad unseasoned and the calamari like leather”

Time will tell whether Gaga’s Joanne will overcome a devastating history of unfavorable success for celebrities who opened restaurants in NYC, such as Britney Spears or P.Diddy’s Justin’s, which failed.


70 West 68th Street,

New York, NY, 10023

P: + 1 (212) 721-0068

Le Cirque @ NY Restaurant Week

One of the most unique restaurant participating in New York Restaurant Week is Le Cirque. Known and revered as one of the most upscale and luxurious restaurants over the past three decades, Le Cirque is easily one of the most iconic restaurants in New York today. While the Restaurant Week menu did not integrate any of the restaurant’s famous dishes, such as the Lobster Salad Le Cirque, Trio de Luxe, Flounder Le Cirque or Paupiette of Black Cod, it nevertheless offered many palatable dishes.

Appetizer: Slow Cooked Egg

Verdict:  The Slow Cooked Egg was served with Contechino, Black Trumpet, Pearl Onion and Brioche.  I went with the Slow Cooked Egg because unlike certain dishes, the Slow Cooked Egg is the type of specialty dish that can only be served by certain restaurants due to its truly challenging cooking style. Although the appetizer was light, it was certainly a treat as it was extremely rich and full of flavor. The texture was akin to an eggs benedict dish, just fancier and a bit more exquisite. In addition, the presentation was stellar.

Entree: Merlu demi-sel

Verdict: I went with the Merlu demi-sel for my entree. Merlu, which is also known as hake, is a swift, carnivorous fish that is popular in most Spanish speaking countries (Uruguay, Argentina and Spain). The dish was served olive oil crushed potatoes, assorted vegetables and a grenobloise sauce. Overall, the fish offered an interesting contrast as it was both light and rich in flavor. In addition, the olive oil crushed potatoes were excellent. In the end, the Merlu was the crowning dish of the meal.

Dessert: Creme Brulee “Le Cirque”

Verdict: The Creme Brulee “Le Cirque” is among a plethora of iconic desserts served by the landmark restaurant. The dessert offered a perfect combination of rich custard filling juxtaposed to the hard caramel layer on top. Overall, the succulent dessert was a success. In addition, I was pleased that the signature dessert was featured on the Restaurant Week Menu.


In the end, Le Cirque’s Restaurant Week Lunch Prix Fixe was not only one of the most exquisite, but also one of the most rewarding values I had ever relished. For $24.07, I was able to enjoy two superlative entree’s and one signature dessert in one of the most upscale restaurants in the city. Although the meal was certainly rich and the setting was nothing short of stuffy and formal, it was probably the best meal overall of New York Restaurant Week.

Le Cirque

151 East 58th Street,

New York, NY, 10022

P: + 1 (212) 644-0202