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Millesime Turns Back the Clock to 1904 and Serves 4 Course Tasting for $1.25!

French brasserie, Millesime, located in the Carlton Hotel, turned back the clock on Thursday, serving a four course tasting for $1.25. To commemorate the year the venue’s building was built, Millesime served a four sumptuous courses for a price that could only be attained if one lived in the year 1904. Serving both lunch and dinner, Millesime sparked tremendous interest as lines formed around the block that exceeded 45 minutes of waiting. The tasting was comprised of Tomato Bisque, Oyster Rockafeller, choice of Chicken Marengo or Lamb Stew and New York Sundae to conclude the well crafted menu.

First/Second Course: Tomato Bisque, Oyster Rockafeller

While the portion was small, the Tomato Bisque was highly delectable. Combining a succulent tomato puree with cream, the soup was very palatable. In addition to the Tomato Bisque, the Oyster Rockafeller was equivocally delicious, which resulted in a profound craving and lust for more.

Third Course: Chicken Marengo

While the Tomato Bisque and Oyster Rockafeller deserve praise, the Chicken Marengo was the preeminent dish. Served with tomatoes, mushrooms and potatoes, the Chicken Marengo was an excellent entree that underscores the tremendous range, culinary artistry that Millesime embodies. The dish further justifies the contention that Millesime deserves to be considered amongst the best brasseries in a city inundated with exceptional cuisine.

Fourth Course: New York Sundae

While suffice to say, I typically overlook Sundae’s while ordering dessert, the New York Sundae was a fantastic choice for this unique four course tasting. In many ways, it exemplified New York of yesteryear, representing the taste and popular consumption trend of the early twentieth century. Overall, the dessert was the consummate final dish to one of the most unique and awe-inspiring tasting’s I have experienced in quite some time.


92 Madison Avenue (@ Carlton Hotel),

New York, NY, 10016

P: + 1 (212) 889-7100

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