Magurobito Masters the Art of Sushi Conveyor in Tokyo

While many cities worldwide have adopted the sushi conveyor belt premise, Tokyo has always been at the epicenter of where the fascinating style of serving sushi originated. Offering a break from the traditional sushi bar experience, famous for either serving a la carte or omakase, sushi conveyor belt presents a more casual, exciting way of dining on exceptional raw fish. Unlike the majority of conveyor belt inspired sushi bars around the world, which are typically inundated with creative and inventive rolls that forwent quality and freshness, Magurobito adheres to quality and fresh fish, without the frills.  What is most impressive at Magurobito is the outstanding quality of tuna. Like the eponymous name suggests, Magurobito is the quintessential repository for tuna, in particular.

Every night, a procession of plates containing thick pieces of the freshest, most succulent big eye tuna are served to each guest. While the quality of the fish is outstanding, the price is extraordinarily low, especially considering the prohibitive prices for sushi in Tokyo. Prices are strictly dictated by the color of each plate, which range from as low as 140 yen ($1.50 or so) to as high as 520 yen ($6 or so). Tuna is priced at only 280 yen ($3) for 2 divine pieces of thick tuna. In addition to delectable big eye tuna, toro (tuna belly) and other forms, including yellow tail, are served.

As a result of the restaurant’s profound popularity, allow at least twenty minutes of waiting, which believe it or not, is better than average.


Asakusa main branch,

1-5-9 Asakusa, Taito-ku, Tokyo,

P: +81 (0) 3 3844 8736,

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