Neo Tokyo

Sushi Samba @ Neo Tokyo Roll

In a city that is inundated with praise worthy Japanese restaurants devoid of creativity and innovation, Sushi Samba serves one of the most unique and innovative menu’s in New York City. With locations in Chicago, Miami, Las Vegas and Tel Aviv (in addition to the two in NYC), Sushi Samba serves an eclectic mix of Japanese, Peruvian and Brazilian fare. While Samba’s favorable menu serves Peruvian and Brazilian dishes, it is most venerable for its sumptuous and creative sushi. Among many innovative and exceptional rolls including Sushi 7 Roll ($16.00) and Maya ($10), one of the most praise worthy is the Neo Tokyo Roll ($13.50).

Neo Tokyo Roll combines Big Eye Tuna garnished with tempura flake and aji panca. In addition to a unique consistency and texture, combining tuna on the inside and outside of the rice, the quality of the Big Eye Tuna was commendable. Overall, the Neo Tokyo Roll exemplifies the innovative and exceptionally creative menu curated by Sushi Samba. Although there are several noteworthy dishes served, the Neo Tokyo, alone, justifies a visit. 

Sushi Samba

87 Seventh Avenue South,

New York, NY, 10014

P: + 1 (212) 691-7885

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