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Tamarind TriBeCa @ “Executive” Lunch

In a city where a shortage of exceptional Indian restaurants pervades, Tamarind stands out amongst the rest of its competition. Unlike another international city, London, where fine Indian fare is as common as french bistro’s are here in Manhattan, Tamarind offers a unique and commendable menu that justifies its highly renowned, Michelin star. While there are a handful of excellent Indian restaurants in New York, including Mitali and Brick Lane Curry House, among others, it is hard to identify an upscale venue that embodies sophistication with a decorative, elegant ambiance.  In addition to its auspicious menu, that serves some of the finest Indian fare in New York, Tamarind serves a praiseworthy “Executive” Lunch Prix Fixe for $24.07. Although it is located far south, on Hudson and Franklin, Tamarind justifies a visit. For $24.07, each patron is served an appetizer, two separate entrees, side of vegetables and savory Garlic Naan and dessert. While the portions are more than generous, the food and and menu is excellent.

Appetizer: Tamarind Chicken

Verdict: The appetizer, Tandoor Chicken, was a tandoor roasted chicken marinated with hung yogurt, tamarind, pomegranite and cardamom. In addition to being beautifully presented, the Tandoor Chicken was exquisite, flavorful and one of the better appetizer’s I have experienced for Prix Fixe Lunch menu’s. The chicken possessed a perfect flavor, not too spicy (unlike some Indian dishes), while still maintaining the essential zesty taste that made it stand out.

Entree: Murgh Patiala

Verdict: For the first of two entree’s I went with the Murgh Patiala. The Murgh Patiala was a boneless chicken roasted with whole spices, onions, mint, yogurt, ginger and garlic. Overall, it was very reminiscent of a typical Chicken Curry or Chicken Tika Masala in terms of the texture and preparation with a overwhelming portion of sauce used. Overall, it was very good and worked well with the side of vegetables and garlic naan. 

Entree: Tandoor Wali Patrani Machli

Verdict: The second entree was a Tandoor Wali Patrani Machli, which was a seasonal fish cooked in the tandoor, marinated with coconut, yogurt, scallions and mint chutney and wrapped in a banana leaf. The fish used, which was salmon, was savory and fresh and fully benefited off the unique blend of coconut, yogurt, scallions and mint chutney. In addition, the salmon was served with a side of rice, which complemented the fish well.

Sides: Garlic Naan and Vegetables

In addition to the two entrees and appetizer served, Tamarind also served a side of Garlic Naan and vegetables. The Garlic Naan possessed distinct flavor, and soft, delectable texture. The vegetables, which were peas and mushrooms, were garnished with a unique spicy sauce that also complemented well with the entree’s.

Dessert: Roasted Coconut Rice Pudding

Verdict: The final dish served was a heavenly Roasted Coconut Rice Pudding dessert. Although I was nearly full following the magnanimous portions of appetizer, entree’s and sides, I nevertheless tasted the Rice Pudding. Overall, it was exceptional; the perfect unique and divine ending to a delicious Prix Fixe.


99 Hudson Street,

New York, NY,

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