Duck Risotto

Craft @ Duck Risotto

Celebrity Chef and Restaurateur, Tom Colicchio has mastered the art of exceptional culinary cooking with his restaurant, Craft, for over ten years. Unlike many restaurants that are as concerned with the presentation as the food itself, Craft subscribes to principles of simplicity and substance while eschewing any form of artiface. Among many delectable and praiseworthy dishes, I went with the Duck Risotto as a side dish. I was intrigued by the Duck Risotto ($18) not only because they excluded the Normandy Duck ($39) from the menu, but more importantly because of the sheer esoteric nature of the dish that appealed to mitigating my hunger. While I have enjoyed several eclectic varieties of risotto in the past, I had never experienced Duck Risotto. The risotto was served with minimal portions of duck breast embedded into the dish while garnishing the top with pieces of crispy duck skin.  Akin to most risotto, the dish was incredibly rich.  Although the sheer richness of the dish is typically one of its most profound selling points, I was not thrilled with the way it juxtaposed to the duck. I would feel remiss to not admit that the duck and the risotto itself was quite good, however the profound richness of the dish belied the flavor and taste of the duck. In the end, the underwhelming reaction to the dish was overtly based on the fact that it offered two tremendous elements that individually would have prospered on their own but unfortunately the amalgamation of the duck and risotto failed as a unit.

Craft Restaurant:

43 East 19th Street,

New York, NY, 10003

P: + 1 (212) 780-0880


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