Belgian Fries at Pommes Frites

Belgian Fries @ Pommes Frites

In a small “hole in the wall”  in the East Village lies one of the most unique restaurants in the entire city that adheres to only serving french fries. While only one dish is served on the menu, Pommes Frites offers an abundance of “Tasty Sauces” that are designed to differentiate each order. Among the many delicious and esoteric sauces available, the most intriguing are the: Vietnamese Pineapple Mayo, Roasted Garlic Mayo, Curry Ketchup Especial Wild Mushroom Mayo and finally, the signature and uber popular Sweet Mango Chutney Mayo. Based on the waiters suggestion (and the fact it was my first time at Pommes Frites) I went with the signature sauce.  The Belgian Fries are served in three different sizes: “Regular” which is $4.50, “Large” which is $6.25 and “Double” which costs $7.75. After some deliberation, I went with the “Regular” as my appetite was not profound. In the end, the regular size portion was fairly large which was baffling considering it was the smallest size offered. After not being able to finish the smallest sized portion, despite splitting it with a friend, I could not imagine how anyone would be able to do so if he or she ordered the double sized portion. Although the fries were quite good, how many fries can one eat before wanting something else? Nevertheless, despite the magnanimous portions that Pommes Frites offers, the fries are good enough to sustain a whole order. Furthermore the sauce is outstanding. The Mango Chutney Mayo tasted a lot like a combination between ketchup, mayonnaise, hint of mango and citrus zest. The sauce was so exceptional that it completely altered the taste of the fries, thus creating something that I had not previously experienced. I would highly suggest Pommes Frites to anyone who embodies an affinity for French Fries. Based on my first experience, I am confident that I will come back soon to try some of the other attractive sauces. FYI, the sauce is an additional dollar and the combo sauce (which contains 3 flavors) is $2.50 extra.

Pommes Frites

123 2nd Avenue (Bet. 7th/8th Street)

New York, NY, 10003

P: + 1 (212) 674 1234

W: www.PommesFrites.WS

Sun-Thurs: 11:30A.M-1:00A.M, Fri-Sat: 11:30A.M-3:30A.M

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